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Day care in Speicher offers childcare options for up to 5 children

Day care mother happy children happy parents 450pxSince a small group size is preferred, your child will receive intensive care and individual support.

My day care is something like a day care center, an official childcare offer by the youth welfare office,
the public agency of the district administration in Bitburg.

Child care by a qualified childminder is the education plan of our state Rhineland / Palatinate. The youth welfare office monitors the daycare centers of the child minders in a spirit of partnership and is also the point of contact for further questions from parents.

In my daycare center in Speicher, the group size is deliberately kept small, which is ideal for the development process of my children from an educational point of view. This means that I have enough capacity to deal intensively and individually with the needs of each individual child. This has the advantage that I am always a constant reference person for your child.


Qualification as a childminder

My name is Gerda Kurz, I am a mother of three grown-up children and a grandmother five times. It has always been my desire to work with children. So I became a childminder with appropriate training for family and youth in the multi-generation house of the Child Protection Association. This training gave me the qualification to be a childminder that I use every day today.



I really like to play with the children and always help with their schoolwork with words and deeds. The children are welcome to play with our dogs. All two small dogs have been very good and used to children for years. A lot of bathing fun is always the order of the day in summer.



Day foster mother overnight in our house 450pxI live with my partner in a house with a garden, two dogs and a cat in Speicher Kreis Bitburg-Prüm. There is also a nice playground just across the street with lots of play equipment.

This is also a meeting point for many mothers who meet there with their children in the afternoons. But there is also some play equipment in our garden.

We have beautiful, bright children's rooms with bunk beds where there are also lots of games, cuddly toys and books.


Day Care Mother Costs

The care costs are compiled individually depending on the care times and consist of care and accommodation costs. The costs are currently only 7, - € per hour and child including meals.

Please contact me at +49 65 62/9 77 98 19. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions or problems. I am happy to help.



Day care mother

  Habichtweg 158
  D-54662 Speicher

  +49 65 62 / 9 77 98 19


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Gerda Kurz
 Habichtweg 158
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  +49 65 62 / 9 77 98 19

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The childminder Gerda Kurz from Speicher 400px Tagesmutter
I am a trained childminder with a corresponding qualification for family and youth in the multigenerational house of the Child Protection Association Germany and live in the Eifelort Speicher in Rheinland/Pfalz.